In this class with Mr. Gonce & Rosalinda I have learned how to start my career plan. I have learned how to look for job employment & other resources to help me when I get back into (the) community. I think this class has taught me alot & I don't think if I wouldn't have taken this class I would never (have) learned the stuff I did working with Mr. Gonce & Rosalinda. If I wouldn't of had this class I think I would of had a struggle on trying to start my own things like job employment & resources to help me.

This program has impacted me in different ways starting (with) Ms. Rosalinda taking her time to come and teach us (with) Mr. Gonce. This program has impacted me (in) the way I think and the way I look at different situations. I no longer lose my patience (when) dealing with problems of any kind. My criminal thinking has changed alot too and me knowing that I got support so I could change and really do good and be successful.

I feel this has help(ed) me in this little amount of time I've been in group. This has me thinking before I act. In these last past 3 weeks I've been telling myself it's not always about having the fine things in life. As long as I have life & family I will be happy. This help(ed) me to open up a little bit more. You have have to have them people in your corner at all time(s). It's like family I never had. Thank you for everything.

Ever since becoming a part of Mrs. Rosalinda's program this has made me realize that I'm real close to going home and what should truly matter. This program has taught me about management and health awareness. How to manage my time and what is going to be expected of (me) in my community. All my three years incarcerated all I want to do was going home to kick it with my homies, smoke and do alot of party. I guess before meeting Rosalinda I never saw what was important in this world. Family, community and self. Learning more about this program has made me realize what I need to accomplish before thinking about doing anything else. I now understand what is coming my way and how I would handle these situations in a positive manner so I don't come back here or to any other prison system.

Hi. My name is M.P. and today I'm going to write about Ms. Rosalinda's program. The things I'm going to write about is how it has help(ed) me. I learn(ed) how to get help (and) where to get it. (I learned) how to get an ID (and) how to fill (out) an application (for) work and ID and also show(ed) me to understand society and I learned how to check in and out and to pay attention and also to open (up) in front of people.

This program has impacted me a whole lot. Since I have been in this program I have learned alot about life. I have learned how to be a better person. Being in this program showed me that just because I am in jail does not mean that this is the end of the line for me. I've learned how to do a proper job interview. We were taught how to dress, speak and look at a job interview. Everything that I learned in this program will stick with me for the rest my life and I'm very thankful for that.

Well I really want to give thanks to Ms. Rosalinda & Mr. Gonce for teaching (us about the) impact on crime victim(s). Thanks to them I know what to do with my life and (I) know who to get along (with).